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I am Marisa, a Portuguese living in Amsterdam. I am a natural and healthy lifestyle enthusiast, inspired by nature and always willing to learn from it.


My love for nature started early in my childhood, inspired by my grandmother, who taught me how to make a simple natural soap, roughly cut with a kitchen knife, using wild plants and herbs from the woods and her rustic garden.


I had a problematically oily skin as a teenager and young adult. I've also suffered from a light form of body eczema. Expensive dermatologists and even more expensive creams and balms didn’t seem to help much. One day I was introduced to all-natural, vegan cosmetics. My skin started to react positively and my general appearance was now much better! My eczema was also gone for good!! I couldn’t be happier!


Inspired by the wise teachings of my late grandmother, I’ve started investigating the ingredients present in all-natural cosmetics. I've started by applying raw organic ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, argan oil and hemp oil on my skin and wow my skin was eager for it, it was just “drinking it up”! As cleaning is the most important, and sometimes forgotten part of care routine, next I created my own soap formulas, then face and body creams follow. Lip balm, scrubs, face masks, shampoo bars and hair oil infusions were created next. My skin was now glowing and healthier than ever before!


I wanted to help others achieve the same results! And so Primal Essence was born!


This is our journey. Primal Essence is proudly contributing to people having healthier skin whilst respecting nature, promoting real beauty and helping people of all ages feel confident in their own skin!


We invite you to join us 😊


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